MAIA Workshops

MAIA Workshops

Ivana Shekutkoska was accepted by Maia Workshops 2018, Intensive Training for Emerging Producers. Her participation is financially supported by the Macedonian Film Fund.

Maia Workshops is a one-year training programme, made up of three immersive week-long residencies.

The first workshop “CREATIVE ASPECTS” – Building Our Identity, was held from 26th to 30th of March, in Vilnius Lithuania.

The second workshop “LEGAL AND FINANCIAL ISSUES” – Developing Entrepreneurial Skills, will be in Palermo, Italy, from 18th to 22nd June.

The third workshop “MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION” – Sales and Promotion, will be from 13th to 17th September in Portoros, Slovenia.

All sessions are delivered by experts with at least 20 years experience in the audiovisual trade.
Maia team works all year round to develop new tailor-made workshops, in order to provide the most up-to-date insights about the industry, markets, festivals and founders.

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