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The Blog Festivals Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes, 2017

Iron Story has been accepted for the 2017 Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes. The film was available throughout the whole event from May 22nd to May 28th.
Short Film Corner is also a professional area for promoting the film, exchanging ideas and meeting people.
The film had benefit from a prime viewing position within the Short Film Corner, and met professionals from around the world. The film representatives also had a chance to attend the daily meetings, facilitated by prestigious speakers, workshops and themed conferences which ensured getting a greater knowledge and improving professional potential.
Each day we had the opportunity to participate to a wide range of events as workshops, round tables, happy hours, etc. Our participation at the Short Film Corner increased the chances of seeing our film and the film was selected by many international festivals.

‘When you take part in the Short Film Corner, you get to benefit from a tool that is specifically designed to build bridges between the worlds of short and feature films.’

We also had the time of our lifes, meeting celebrities from around the globe.